Milan An immersive light show inside the Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milan An immersive light show inside the Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milan
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With over 100,000 visitors, this event has been a hit in Europe

Genesis inside the Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milan: a luminous and immersive experience

Have you ever dreamt with your eyes wide open? Now you can, thanks to Genesis. After a successful stint in Europe, the event of the year has finally made its way to Italy, and will be held in the beautiful Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milan.

Prepare to be captivated by a 30-minute, four-part journey through the elements of light, water, earth, and plants, representing the first three days of creation in "Genesis." You'll be completely immersed in a lesser-known architectural masterpiece from the 16th century.


A show that brings together art and technology

The entire ceiling and all the structures of the church were previously measured, calculated and sized so that the projections would fit perfectly with the proportions of the building. The gorgeous space immerses you in the sound and images in a way that is utterly breathtaking. Art, technology and spirituality come together in an experience that unleashes a new kind of beauty and creativity.
Info - Genesis at Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milano

A timeless moment

Allow yourself to be mesmerized by this mystical and inspiring experience and enjoy a moment of contemplation. Witness a captivating audiovisual performance at the Swiss Church, a unique historical location with a rich heritage.
Info - Genesis at Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milano

Genesis: Reviews & Comments

Read reviews and comments about the show in Milan

  • Laura P.

    Beautifully immersive and relaxing show, recommended for those who want to get out of the usual routine and daydream, kudos to the creators.

  • Marco L.

    I would simply say WONDERFUL

  • Angelo M.

    Enchanting event to watch!

  • Valentina F.

    Very pleasant experience with music and colours, in a picturesque location in the heart of Milan

  • Edoardo B.

    Beautiful light show in time to music! Exciting!

  • Giulia S.

    Very pleasant experience. Magical atmosphere, very atmospheric and relaxing.

  • Luciano M.

    A truly impressive and almost surreal experience! We were thrilled and can't wait to come back and see the show again. Thank you so much for this incredible show.

  • Maria K.

    Beautiful experience

  • Stefano R.

    The experience is simply amazing - I highly recommend it! Just relax, let go, and allow it to work its wonders.

Press reviews about Genesis in Germany

  •  - Genesis at Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milano
    I was filled with joy, wonder, and positive energy during the entire show. It was a thrilling, magical, and beautiful experience that left me feeling great mentally!
  •  - Genesis at Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milano
    A revolutionary retelling of the creation story that merges art, technology, and spirituality to produce a mesmerizing 3D experience.
  •  - Genesis at Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster in Milano
    St. Markus Church has been transformed into a magnificent venue by Fever Entertainment Platform and Projektil artist collective, with an immersive laser, sound and light show of 'Genesis' that is nothing short of breathtaking.

Important Information

  1. Date: from September 15th, 2023
  2. Opening hours:
    • Fridays: 19:00 – 22:00
    • Saturdays: 18:00 – 22:00
    • Sundays: 18:00 – 21:00
  3. Duration: 30 minutes, seated
  4. Location: Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster, Via Sant'Antonio, 5, 20122 Milano
  5. Age requirement: all ages are welcome
  6. Tickets: Booking a ticket online is recommended and guarantees entry. However, it is possible to buy a ticket on site on the day, but this is subject to availability
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The location of Genesis in Milan


This venue was the house of the Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster, Archbishop of Milan from 1926 to 1954.This building, hidden among the narrow streets of the center, houses two magnificent 16th-century cloisters: the Trivulziano Cloister and the Pio XII Hall. The latter is the former cloister of the convent of the adjacent church of Sant'Antonio Abate. After the war it was covered over to become a canteen, but today it is donated to the State University and used as a lecture hall for history and philosophy courses. It is an enchanting place, hidden in the heart of the city, which deserves a visit to admire its beauty.

Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster, Via Sant'Antonio, 5, 20122 Milano, Italy.
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